Odin Strength Commercial Front Hack Super Squat



The Odin Strength plate loaded front/hack squat is a great machine for building strong glutes and quads. Built for commercial gyms, this machine will set your gym apart from others.

This machine can be used for various exercises unlike standard leg presses and hack squats and gives a free range of motion to truly isolate any given muscle when worked.

Get ready to go heavy!

Dimensions: 2000 x 1700 x1 800 mm
Machine Weight: 190 kg
Material: High Quality Steel Tubing ( 3mm), Gripped Foot Space & Foam Padding
Colour: Black

This product comes in a boxed crate and light assembly is required. As it comes in parts it can then be brought through doorways etc to be assembled in any space. Full instructions are included. Many customers choose to build these as the larger parts are pre built and require only light assembly.

If you require assembly then please contact us via email @ info@odinstrength.co.uk