Odin Strength Dual Adjustable pulley single column (Freestanding)



The  Odin Strength Bolt Strength Single Cable Column allows a wide range of exercises to be carried out comfortably within a small area. Save valued space compared to a dual adjustable pulley! This machine has the specifications of the traditional pulley machine with the added benefit of not taking up space. This commercial product allows the user to adjust the pulley mechanism to the height that is desired. With this flexible machine, the user can work out all muscle groups. Constant tension is applied to the muscles as you lift and lower the cable which fatigues the muscles quickly, resulting in gains. The single cable pulley machine is designed to reduce injury and increase comfort for the user by having a consistent tension on the cable.

This machine is designed to stand freestanding but we recommend a minimum of 2 thunder bolts to be screwed into the ground for extra stability. Weight stack: 100kg Delivery & fitting available at extra cost. Please contact us for a quote on info@odinstrength.co.uk