Odin Strength Leg curl/ leg extension combo bench



The Odin Strength Leg curl/leg extension is very heavy duty, suitable for both home and commercial use. Curl / Leg extensions an be performed in one small space using this fantastic combo bench.  Available in Matt black colour

Train the quadriceps in the upright position or strengthen the hamstrings with the seat down.

With the back sitting vertically this allows the user to perform leg extensions. The quadriceps are isolated via the adjustable roller pads

Equally with the rear seat down in the long position the hamstrings can be trained. Adjustable roller pads here also allow the user to isolate the hamstrings depending on the desired length.

• Fully adjustable roller pads for perfect isolation

• Handles in both positions for stability

• Fast positioning for both exercises

• Small footprint for tight spaces

• Can be loaded using Olympic weights with a 2”/51mm centre hole